🚩 Scams: stay alert ! 🚩

This time of the year is filled with festivity and wishes of peace and happiness. Unfortunately, unscrupulous persons also use this time to increase scamming activities. For this reason, we implore you to remain vigilent in the face of potential threats.


Fraud can take on many forms, but online scams or contact by text or telephone as well as dating fraud are among some of the most common tactics.

Here are a few tips:

✅ Take your time. Breathe. Call someone you trust.

✅ Contact the service directly: bank, revenue agency, motor vehicle dept, etc.

✅ Gather information before making a transfer, a withdrawal or a purchase

✅Talk to your family & friends

✅ When in doubt, call the provincial police (Sûreté): 310-4141 or *4141 (cell)

✅ f you are a victim of fraud, contact the Canadian Antifraud Centre: 1 888 495-8501

❌ Do not respond to text messages like: SAAQ, revenue agencies, offers of reimbursement, tax returns, arrest warrant threats, etc. THEY ARE FAKE❗ ❗

❌ Stay vigilent and do not answer suspicious emails, even if the sender seems to be a friend, because thea ccount may be hacked.

❌ Do not act out of fear or emotion.

👉 Little Black Book of Scams