The Memphremagog MRC was founded on January 1, 1982. It is administered by its council, composed of the 17 mayors of each municipality within its territory.


According to current legislation, the Regional Municipal County (MRC) is required to undertake the following responsibilities:

  • Create and maintain land development plan and applicable development within the territory (including the creation of a strategic vision for economic, social, cultural and environmental development);
  • Ensure that urban planning schema and by-laws in local municipalities are in conformity to the land development plan;
  • Examine the opportunity to perform certain public works projects as relating to the land development plan or complimentary documents;
  • Prepare property assessment roles for municipalities governed by the Municipal Code;
  • Proceed with the sale of property for default of payment (for municipalities governed by the Municipal Code);
  • Manage waterways within the jurisdiction;
  • Plan residual materials management;
  • Plan fire security (ifier la protection contre les incendies (fire risk cover plan);
  • Ensure the creation and availability of financing for economic development;
  • Conclude agreements with the Sûreté du Québec.

MRC Administration

MRC’s are generally administered by a board composed of mayors from each of the municipalities creating the MRC as well as other representatives mentioned in the constitution decree.


The prefect presides the MRC council as well as its council meetings. This person is elected by secret ballot among mayoral council members. The mandate of prefect is two years. The person elected remains in position until a new prefect is elected.

Alternate Prefect

The council also names an alternate prefect among its members who will take over the functions in the case the prefect is absent or the position is vacant. The alternate prefect is chosen by the mayors.

MRC Sources of Financing

The sources of funding for regional county municipalities are twofold:

  • Co-payments established by the regional county municipality and paid by the member local municipalities;
  • Grants from the Quebec government.

The Memphrémagog RCM, located at the western limit of the Estrie administrative region, ensures the link between this region and the Montérégie. The MRC borders the United States for 35 km and covers the territory of 17 municipalities representing 1323 km².