2021-2025 Council

The Town of Stanstead municipal council is composed of a mayor and six counsellors. The main role of the council is to ensure that the services offered by the Town respond to the needs of the community. The elected officials must make decisions in the best interest of the citizens they represent solely during council sessions, and speak in the form of resolutions or by-laws.

Individually, outside of council meetings, elected officials may not make decisions on behalf of the municipality. Only the mayor or mayoress may exercise executive power, and only in case of an emergency.

Consult the Code of ethics governing elected officials (French only)to learn more about the rules of ethics that apply to our council members.

Siège 1 | Valérie Lavallée

Committees: Recreation & Public Safety

Siège 2 | Deborah Bishop

Committees: Administration, Urban Planning Consultation & Demolition

Siège 3 | Sandra Harrison

Committees: Environmental Health & Economic Development

Siège 4 | Philip Dutil

Committees: Roads-Public Works & Public Safety

Siège 5 | Harvey Stevens

Committees: Administration & Economic Development

Siège 6 | Nicholas Ouellet

Committees: Urban Planning Consultation, Recreation & Environmental Health

Maire | Jody Stone

The mayor is de facto member of all committees.Le maire est membre d’office de tous les comités.


The role of these committees is to support the work of municipal employees in addition to promoting processes for planning and development.