Welcome to Stanstead !

The Town of Stanstead, founded in 1995 following the union of the “three villages“ of Beebe, Rock Island and Stanstead Plain, is located on the US-Canadian border and shares the boundary with Derby Line, Vermont. The town is full of fascinating history and folk legends. Stanstead is known as the “Granite Capital“ and continues extraction and transformation operations of this material that can be found in buildings all around the world.

Stanstead is a bilingual municipality and is also an age-friendly municipality. Some families have lived here for many generations and others are neo-citizens who have arrived from various places and backgrounds, making ours an inclusive, diverse and abundant community.

Back in the day, an important economic advantage for the region was the Stagecoach crossing, to which we give a little nod with the name of our municipal newsletter, The Stagecoach. Today, the town’s strategic location at the last exits of highway 55 make Stanstead a pivotal location in the transportation industry.


Population2 824 (2021)
Administrative regionEstrie
Surface area2 200 hectares
22,00 km²

Video Clip

As part of a cultural initiative, the Memphremagog MRC, in collaboration with studio BEAM in Sherbrooke, has committed to creating video clips for each of the municipalities within the county. 17 clips in all, over a period of 6 years!

The Town of Stanstead was among the first municipalities chosen, and in 2021, the BEAM team came for filming in town.

We would like to thank the people who participated in the creation of this clip: Philippe Desormeaux and our very own Stephanie Bullock ! Special thanks also go out to the MRC and the BEAM team.

The key locations found in the video are: The Haskell Library and Opera House, the Colby-Curtis Museum and the Stone Circle Park.