The Town of Stanstead has two elementary schools, one French school and one English school. It is also fortunate to be home to the illustrious Stanstead College, a private high school offering exceptional educational services to students from around the world.

And for the little ones that haven’t reached school age yet, we have an early childhood centre as well as numerous family-setting daycares.

École primaire Jardin-des-frontières

7 Park Street, Stanstead, Quebec J0B 3E0

Phone : 819 876-7534

Fax : 819 876-7535

Email :

École primaire Sunnyside

441, Dufferin Street, Stanstead (Québec) J0B 3E2

Phone : 819 876-2469

Fax : 819 876-5480

Email :

Stanstead College

450, Dufferin Street, Stanstead (Québec) J0B 3E0

Phone : 819 876-7891

Fax : 819 876-5891

Email :

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CPE Chapeau de paille

26, Stevens Street, Stanstead (Québec) J0B 3E2

Phone : 819 876-5369