Our mission is to offer Town of Stanstead citizens the best possible services. Our team of professionals may be small, but we are proud to serve the entire population with speed, efficiency and great pleasure.

If you would like to meet with a member of the team, please make an appointment.

Hughes Ménard

General Manager

Appointed by the municipal council, the general manager’s role is to oversee sound management of the Town of Stanstead. He supervises all municipal employees and must plan, organize, direct and manage Town activities. In addition to establishing a channel of communication between the council, administration committee and municipal employees, he must also prepare the budget, study by-law projects and examine citizen complaints.


Trevor McCleod

Public Works Coordinator

The public works coordinator supervises development work, street and roadway repairs and construction projects within the Town of Stanstead.

He is also responsible for overseeing the team of day workers and professionals and engages in discussion with citizens having urgent needs relating to public works.


Assistant General Manager

The assistant general manager supports the general manager is various tasks and ensures his replacement in case of absence. He is responsible for files relating to urban planning, the environment and land use development.

In addition, the assistant general manager leads special projects as delegated by the general manager. In this role, he is called on to represent the Town on various committees, before ministries or organizations relating to the files under his responsibility and ensures the transfer of information and follow-up reports among different municipal services.

In the role of treasurer, this person is responsible for all financial-related activities, municipal taxation and the Town budget and must prepare the year-end financial report as well as attest to its veractiy of the information therein.


Communications Coordinator | Assistant Clerk

The communications coordinator generates internal and external communications tools and is responsible for managing the website and social media accounts as well as preparing the monthly newsletter. She is also in charge of administrative tasks such as editing, correction, translation and organization of information.

She works to protect the town’s image, monitors the uniformity of administrative documents and ensures that pertinent information is transmitted to citizens and those concerned in a professional and timely manner.

As assistant clerk, this person supports members of the management staff in general administrative tasks and implementation of processes and procedures as well as project organization and overseeing archive management.

Stephanie Bullock

Reception Assistant

The reception assistant greets citizens and visitors to Town Hall and answers calls received at the municipal offices. She redirects calls and visitors to the appropriate department or resource.

In addition, she plays a role of administrative support to all administrative team members and makes sure citizen requests are treated quickly.

Penny Theriault

Accounting Clerk

Under the authority of the general manager, our accounting clerk is responsible, among other tasks, for collaborating on tax statement preparation, entering financial information and preparing banking reconciliation. She also manages the day-to-day bookkeeping and ensures annual budget follow-up for various municipal services.

Mélanie Banville

Community Development Agent

The community development agent is responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of a wide range of cultural, community and recreational activities to meet the needs and expectation of the population.

She has the role of resource person for different organizations and committees, supervises the day camp, develops and encourages active involvement of volunteers and manages reservations, material and personnel necessary for accomplishing events, activities and various municipal projects that are assigned.

Nancy Bilodeau

Building & Environment Inspector

The building and environment inspector performs inspections in order to ensure by-laws are respected. She also follows-up on permits and other citizen requests by informing and guiding citizens to encourage them to respect municipal by-laws.

This person notably plays a supportive role to the direction as needed and has the mission to increase citizen awareness on residual material management, pool safety and environmental protection issues.